Both the National Guard and Reserve are
unique elements of the U.S. military that contribute greatly to the safety and
welfare of our country. In the military, you’re always ready to jump in and
start your next mission – so why not take on small business ownership?

The SBA makes it easy for the
military and veteran community to succeed as entrepreneurs, and we’re dedicated
to supporting you at every step of the way. With the help of our countless
resources and services, you can seamlessly transition into small business
ownership as the next step in your career.

Adding Small Business Ownership to
Your Resume

If you’re ready to make the
transition from National Guard or Reserve member to small business owner – or
add entrepreneurship to your resume – we’re ready to help! The SBA has a number
of resources specifically designed to help National Guard and Reserve members
(as well as spouses and veterans of any era) determine if business ownership is
right for you.

One of those resources is Boots to Business Reboot,
which is a one or two-day in-person course that gives you the tools you need to
navigate the fundamentals of starting your own business. During the course,
you’ll have the opportunity to learn about a variety of business concepts – from
opportunity recognition and market research to legal considerations and
financing. Plus, the SBA makes it convenient for National Guard and Reserve
members to access the course right in your local community.

Balancing National Guard/Reserve and

At the SBA, we understand that your
duty as a National Guard or Reserve member can be unpredictable. That’s why we
provide programs to help you keep your small business running in the event you
get called-up to active duty in your role as a military reservist.

The Military Reservist Economic Injury
Disaster Loan Program
(MREIDL) provides funds to eligible
small businesses to meet its ordinary and necessary operating expenses that it
could have met, but is unable to meet, because an essential employee is deployed.
These loans are intended only to provide the amount of working capital you’d
need to pay your necessary obligations as they mature until operations return
to normal after that employee is released from active military duty.

Finding Support in Your Local

It’s important to remember that
you’re not alone on the road to small business success. There are a number of national
resources that can support you along the way.

  • SBA District Offices have 68 locations nationwide and are well-equipped with services to help you start, grow, or expand your small business.
  • Veterans Business Outreach Centers are located at 22 sites across the country and serve as one-stop shops for all of your veteran-owned small business needs.
  • Small Business Development Centers deliver technical assistance, consulting, and training services to help your small business grow and thrive.
  • Women’s Business Centers offer one-on-one counseling, networking, workshops, and technical assistance to women (and women veteran!) entrepreneurs.
  • SCORE provides both in-person and online counseling services for whatever you need throughout your new or existing small business venture.

Ready to get started? Use this tool to find small business
support near you

To learn more about the resources
available to the National Guard and Reserve small business community, check out
the SBA website at: http://bit.ly/AprVetBiz.

This blog was originally written by
the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Office of Veterans Business

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